The 2024 Viewing Blind Reservation Schedule is open on the Friends of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area Website

Greetings Friends of the Barrens – want to watch the Sharp-tailed Grouse do their courtship dance this spring? Viewing blinds will be placed at three locations in the Namekagon Barrens, and can now be reserved on our website. There are reservation slots open on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays throughout April and May. Tuesday through Thursday are currently reserved for official DNR Wildlife Management surveys.

There is a protocol to follow, also posted on our site. The protocol assures that the chances of viewers disturbing the grouse and interrupting mating will be minimized. Please follow the protocol and advice provided exactly.

To get to the reservation schedule, follow this link to the protocol page (https://www.namekagonbarrens.org/seasonal-page/). Please be patient, as it takes a little while to load pages on our site. Read the protocol, and then click “reserve a blind” at the bottom of the first protocol page to get to the scheduling software (called SuperSaas). Once there, create a logon and password for this year (ones from previous years will no longer work).

Our Friends group requests a $20 donation for use of the blinds, which helps us provide funding for further education projects and habitat work in the Barrens. If you are not a member of our group, the $20 donation also covers your 2024 membership. Donations can be made by PayPal or credit or debit card on our website or by sending a check to our Treasurer, Gary Dunsmoor at N4961 Beaverbrook Ave, Spooner, WI 54801.

If you have any trouble reserving a blind, contact us at email.fnbwa@gmail.com and provide your phone number. We will be in touch to help with your reservation. Also, if you don’t find a date that works for you, check back later in the season in case of cancellations.

Enjoy the spring dance!

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