The NBWA property has an old hunting cabin that is currently maintained by our Friends group. It’s our meeting place for events and field trips sponsored by FNBWA. The cabin has an open main room, galley “kitchen” area, wood stove and small closet. There is no running water, but there is a clean outhouse on the grounds.

The area around the cabin also has a picnic shelter built by FNBWA. The grounds are mowed a few times each summer, and some groups use the area for camping during dog trials and other events. Camping is only allowed by special permit from the DNR property manager.

Everyone is welcome to walk in through the gate to use the outhouse and the picnic area. Please pack out everything you bring in for picnics, and contact us if you notice any problems or maintenance needed.

Directions to the cabin and a map are available on this website; the cabin address is 33174 Gomulak Fire Lane, Danbury, WI 54830. Please be aware that most of the roads in and around the NBWA are not paved and can be rutted and slippery after rain or snow. In some winters only St. Croix Trail is plowed.

The FNBWA thank all the Northwest Field Association members and other dog clubs that contributed their time, talents, funds and energy to the cabin renovation several years ago (for more details see our Cabin History webpage).

The DNR Property Manager for the NBWA is Nancy Christel, stationed at the Northern Region Office in Spooner. Her telephone number is (715) 645-0072. She can be contacted with questions about use of the facilities and grounds.