How to get to the Sharp-tailed Grouse Viewing Blinds in Early April 2023

From DNR Wildlife Biologist Nancy Christel

As of March 14, there are still 25 inches of snow. Weather permitting, we will do what we can to get the blinds out by April 1. The forecast for the next week does not look favorable for snowmelt. As an optimist, the following week could be a game changer. Snow can melt away quickly on the leks, but access could still be a struggle. The Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management staff love a challenge, so if we can get the blinds set up, we will. Visitors may have to walk further and through some snow to access the blinds, but part of the fun is getting there, right?

Town roads such as St. Croix Trail, County Line Roads and Dry Landing will be the best means of travel. Gomulak and other trails within the property that are open to vehicles may not be safe to travel on. These are maintained as fuelbreaks, which are basically glorified trails, not roads. In addition, Gomulak is groomed for snowmobiling, which could make travel more challenging. It is recommended that visitors access the blinds by walking in from the town roads. This means that the north and south blinds should be accessed via Dry Landing, and the east blind via North County Line.

Please check back for updates at the end of March. If you are one of the lucky viewers with blinds reserved the first weekend in April, you may call me at 715-645-0072 on Thursday, March 30 for specific details.

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