Natural Heritage Conservation Program – 2015 Annual Report

NH Conservation Program cover

Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey and Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program Volunteers,

I want to first, thank you all for the information and data you’ve helped these two programs achieve over the past few years. Your efforts make my work easier. For that you are second to none in my eyes.

I’m emailing to pass on the Natural Heritage Conservation Program’s 2015 Annual Report (see link below).

This report is a brief summary of all the projects and success stories compiled by the Natural Heritage Conservation Bureau in the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources over the past year. It’s our way of showing you (our wonderful citizen scientists and volunteers) what your efforts are contributing towards. It’s also a way to show you all the great diversity of projects in our bureau and give you an idea of other efforts that may suit your volunteering needs and wants.

Feel free to glance at it, read through it in entirety, add it to your annual report collection, or also to pass it on to others (family, friends, coworkers, etc…) that you feel would appreciate the report.

Once again, thank you all for caring about Wisconsin’s flora and fauna and contributing towards their conservation.
Happy holidays from your Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey and Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program Coordinator!

Andrew Badje
Conservation Biologist

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