Want to write for FNBWA ? – working draft only

We are looking for volunteers who would like to share their knowledge about the Barrens using the Barrren’s Blog. If you are interested use our Contact Us page. Someone will get back to you. You can also send your text and images to a board member and it will be posted (need actual board decision here on how this will actually work)

  • Here are the steps board members will use to post:
    • get a login ID set up by an FNBWA site administrator
    • login to WordPress (be sure save the email you get when they sign you up to post)
    • find Posts on left side of page
    • click New Post
    • Find the ‘ Post Block ‘ area on the screen in upper right and click on Post
    • Find Categories and click
    • A list of categories appears
    • Click Essays or News check box to put your post into a category displaying on the Website menu so people can see it
    • click Save the draft or Publish or Update
    • go to the blog (found on main menu in the Web site) to check your work
    • thanks for volunteering

Getting the information to Facebook

  • Steps Needed Once the Post is Published on the Blog:
    • Note: There is no need to copy the entire blog post text and images into Facebook
    • Log into Facebook
    • Log into (or be logged into the WordPress site)
    • Locate your post (be sure to be looking at the post and not a list of posts)
    • Find and copy the URL at the top of your screen
    • Find the place in Facebook saying something like “What’s on Your Mind” and paste the URL to the blog there and post your item.
    • Make sure Facebook accepted your work.
    • People using Facebook can now read your post by being taken to the Web site automatically

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