FNBWA Nature Walk #3 July 14, 2018

It was a hot humid day.  Mark Nupen and Jerry McAllister gathered at the Barrens Cabin, but no visitors this day.  We had decided to explore 2 areas.

The intersection just south of Gomulak Fire Ln and Clemens Rd. Mark had spooked some Upland Sandpipers 2 weeks earlier and caused one sandpiper to perform the ‘broken wing’ act.  Must have had some babies nearby and also spooked some Sharptails also.   We did not spook anything but could hear these 2 birds in the distance.

Also decided to hike east of Gomulak to a large pond. The route was interesting for the abundant sweet fern, and tons of large ripe blueberries.  We were quite distracted by the abundance of ‘huge’ blueberries so thick in some places you could not walk without stepping on them. Well you can understand we got our knees a little stained blue from picking all of those blueberries.  And, of course, I could not forget to send you a picture of the blueberries on a bowl of ice cream later that evening.  A VERY SUCCESSFUL BLUEBERRY OUTING.  I can see why they called Danbury, Wisconsin, ‘Blueberry Junction’!  Best year I have seen for blueberries.  Have fun.

There are some red pines and jack pines along this route just before we got to the pond.  Lots of flowers along the way which we always enjoy.  The fragrance of sweet fern in the air, smells so nice!

Out on the pond some ducks and probably one muskrat seen.  The old beaver house appears to be abandoned.  Scattered families of young ducks and their parents seen.  Lots of tall grasses along the lake shore area.  Did not notice any hawks this particular day.  Lots of crows however this day.

Returned back to the cabin about 1120 to call it a day.

Never disappointed about a walk on the NBWA!

Submitted by Mark Nupen and Jerry McAllister.

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