No viewing blinds before April 10, 2018

Note from Nancy Christel, Wildlife Biologist, Wisconsin DNR:
March 30, 2018
Hello Viewers,
Some of you may already know that we still have many inches of snow on the Barrens. Those of you that live an hour or more away may be completely surprised by this news, but it is still thigh high in most of the landscape. Ugh, it seems like spring is never going to arrive!
Because of the late spring, we will not have viewing blinds up and available for use until at least Tuesday, April 10th. Birds have been just starting to arrive on the grounds with very little activity, especially since only parts of the dancing grounds are snow free. In more normal springs, they would be more active by this time. It would be extremely difficult for you to safely reach the dancing grounds right now, although there is good access along St. Croix Trail and Dry Landing to go to other parts of the property. You are welcome to still come to the property, but the blinds will not be there. We were there yesterday and saw rough-legged hawks, eagles, a ton of deer and of course, flushed some sharp-tailed grouse. I’d request that you stay on the main town roads so you do not get stuck and so our firebreaks do not get too rutted up. 
Please check the calendar for more opportunities. I hope you are able to find another viewing day that will work for you. I made a couple more days available in April and there are plenty in May, which probably will be good viewing this year.
I’ve tried to call all of you, but I wanted to make sure you received this message. 
Call with any questions. Thanks!
Phone: (715) 635-4091
Cell Phone: (715) 645-0072
3-31-2018 5-21-08 PM

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