Possible New Events page here shows several types of events and how to register (Includes EvenBrite events in Danbury in a link)

Experimental FNBWA Board page here

Contact Us page using old Google form (needs to be replaced with WP form)

A model of what the prototyping approach is like: here and more details on the approach here

Current defects control list here

  • Options for capturing requests for changes
    • contact us form has categories and one is ‘web site’
    • posts have a category for ‘web site change requests’ (people also can write ‘essays’ and they may become pages in the future)
    • people send email to president or new Web master (?) (who then has to record the request someplace)
    • Google document with a form

draft How To WP Blog Post: here

Transition plan here

Helpful Hints for Future Computer Volunteers here

Help Wanted

Background Work Maintenance log (not including changes to pages or posts)

Mysterious message about This Block Contains Unexpected or Invalid Content (hard to understand)

Future Professional Developer Issues List